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Brendan claims, he privately showed Roxy's boyfriend an unlisted home as a favor to Roxy (because she is Morgan Stewart's best friend), but instead of going through with the purchase through Brendan, he allegedly cut Brendan from the deal.And friendships start falling apart because of it..."Jonny really, really, really held my hand and helped me through this and it was a really hard few months for me and I'm so grateful and I'm so appreciative that he's the only one that had my back and defended me, you know, it really means a lot. He knew that me not going to London was a pure motivation not a malice motivation." "Dorothy is not nearly as close to Morgan as I am.

I feel like it was really hard going through it but then hearing the way Morgan and Brendan have misconstrued the events that happen, and that they had the audacity to talk badly about somebody I love when Brendan was compensated and paid is kind of mind boggling to me.

"To me, relationships are really sacred and I feel like those intimate moments you want to keep to yourself.

, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff has been casually dating Bobby Blair, and none of her friends are super fond of him.

And without further delay, we give you a smattering of the photos that made them reality fair through the medium that made them: note: Only in the context of the fashion, ~~*~o BVi~*~~When they are wealthy enough to have things happening in their coffee cups at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel and I don't even know what's happening here to be honest but if it's frosting I want it: Go-Go dancers get thirsty too!

The oldest thing in my closet is probably '80s Chanel jackets and my mom's '80s belts. What did you get just because it was pretty but you haven't worn it once/ a lot?

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Last week it was revealed by Dorothy Wang that he had a child, after his "baby mama" left a nasty message on Taylor-Ann's Instagram. If you're a fan of Tila Tequila and her reality show Tila insisted that Bobby broke up with her, however his side of the story was that, "She never called me after the last show and no one would give me her number so pretty much I feel like and ass but we are not 2gather." He added, "U cant have a relationship bye urself ya know." Very insightful, Bobby. More importantly, does Taylor-Ann know about his mysterious and raunchy past on reality television?

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