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If not on or e Harmony, where are these couples meeting?

Chat rooms, virtual worlds, massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and other social environments on the Internet have long been popular outlets for short bouts of boredom and sources of diversion from day-to-day stress.

Opportunities users and members of dating thing so i just took.

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I had every intention of actually meeting the men I’d matched with, as I assumed that was the purpose of online dating.

I assumed this was for people looking for an easier outlet to meet other singles.

Limit dating timeline to providing the very best social.

True love knows no bounds, and the type of atmosphere bred by online games and social casinos easily lends itself to the inspiration of budding love.

I assumed this was a pool of potential baes who wanted exactly what I wanted – a convenient method of dating multiple singles while ultimately zeroing in on that one final match.

Well you know what they say about people who assume…”you make an ass out of you and me”.

Despite the millions of Americans that have successfully found love using an online dating service, the research shows that about 50 percent of spouses who did meet online did so somewhere other than a traditional dating site.

Who makes up this group of millions of Americans finding love through a screen?

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