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Without my legs, the world feels like a series of obstacles and barriers. I would be happy to never walk again if I could have my hands back—just to open the door, to crack my knuckles, to scratch my dog and make her leg kick. Late one evening, he drove his power wheelchair into the lake and it dragged him under. It was an act of kindness—this act of kindness—that gave me hope for the future.It makes me feel like I can't be a part of regular life. To give you the bird when you cut me off in traffic. I never realized how appropriate it is that we use the word feel for both emotion and sensation until I lost it. It's hard to live my life, but I'm lucky to have the opportunity to keep living, to be a part of the goodness of this world, to pay forward the kindness I have received.

Regards.) I’ve teased the topic of dating with a disability a bit in some of my past posts, and it’s a topic that’s already been covered elsewhere on this blog, but I thought that I would finally step up to the plate and provide a guy’s perspective on what it’s like dating with a disability.This is probably the question I am asked most frequently. I took off my seat belt while my husband was driving and climbed over into the backseat of the car to change my baby's nappy. When I was younger I always wished to be different. What does your body look like after years of inaction? But if you must know I have a wonderful man in my life again and I wouldn’t swap our intimacy for anything in the world. The most frustrating thing for me was the fact that I had been stripped of that choice. No one has been very willing to help me in that regard. The short version is that I was involved in a car accident almost 16 years ago at the age of 28. That's easy, I eat with my mouth and chew my food with my teeth... Otherwise, friends and family take over when I'm out with them. Thus my abilities – or seemingly lack of – hold no relevance. I'd say that the first four years were the most difficult. It's terrible not being able to stand, to walk, to run. To walk down the stadium steps and be a part of the home team. Most of all, I hate how restricted the world feels. And I've found goodness in people that I was too cynical to see before my accident. Dressed in his Sunday best, he got on his hands and knees, in the dirtiest of the gutter snow, and dug me out. I miss stretching my legs after a hard day, or dancing at a wedding (badly). But, almost three years later, despite all of the pain, I've found new beauty in the world.

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