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Let me start from the beginning,, I first met my current boyfriend like a year ago, we went out for 2 mounths, we broke up because we live to far away to each other. A." first time, I thought he was only cute, then when I got to know him a little, I...

He had been teasing me with the idea of giving me a massage for the past few days via text, and I was playing along; although, I wasn't serious about him actually giving me a massage when I saw him lol. We had been separated for at least 8 months or more. But I cried so much over my ex, this new guy came in my life and this new one just seems so right.We were together for a good solid six months and a year, I think. he was my first true love and I could not get over him. The New guy and I were talking and he told me all the things he could do and I told him he was husband material and I was joking at said Marry Me.Undermining their resume padding though Better (than) some increases yet surprisingly pretty close: this role for med i switched into "practice" down some civilian practice.Manner' far just wait til after taxes will get exposed to working or 4 5 6 months.

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I guess I was kind of encouraging the idea with our texting about it though, even though it was always him bringing it up and I was just going along with it.

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  1. Very little is known about his home life, but in his 2015 Reddit Ask Me Anything, he says that he has a wife, a three-year-old child, and another child on the way.