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I decided to cover many of these weapons as they help give a clearer picture of the development that went into the weapons our guys used so successfully during the war.

Each pocket held two five round stripper clips or one eight round Garand clip.

These Springfield Armory blueprints and specifications for the Springfield M1 Garand .30 Caliber Service Rifle are graciously provided for the benefit of the MILSURPS. The original drawings are dated August 2nd, 1937 and many of the blueprints show revisions dating through to the 1950's.

As I mentioned in one of my previous postings, I am currently working on my next book project which will be a massive tome on US Infantry Weapons of WWII, similar in structure to the book I did on the subject 20 years ago.

This was the Johnson "Auto-Carbine" that Melvin Johnson developed during WWII for potential sale to the Dutch government (which had previously contracted for the M1941 Johnson rifles and Light Machine Guns) as a weapon that might be useful for the colonial troops garrisoning the East Indies.

The Dutch weren't interested, largely because the East Indies had fallen to the Japanese by this time.

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