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If no contributor is listed, the writing is done by our lovely editor/moderator Alison. The hoax was created by Ste Curran, then Editor at Large at the gaming magazine Edge, and ex-journalist Simon Byron.The family is entirely Gondwanan in origin, with no members found outside of Gondwana, either in the present day or as a fossil.Like all pleurodirous turtles, the chelids withdraw their necks sideways into their shells, differing from cryptodires that fold their necks in the vertical plane.

His role models were; Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe an Mallam Aminu Kano.8.

The family is distributed in Australia, New Guinea, parts of Indonesia, and throughout most of South America.

It is a large family of turtles with a significant fossil history dating back to the Cretaceous.

The short-necked forms are largely herbivorous or molluscivorous, but are also opportunistic, with several species having specialized to eating fruits.

The highly aquatic nature of the group is typified by the presence of cloacal breathing in some species of the genera Elseya and Rheodytes.

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  1. But, always one for delusions of maturity, I am writing this now, at 20, having been a teenager roughly one second ago (and still carrying the teenage trait of finding exaggeration pretty damn amusing).