Chiropractors and dating patients

The Canadian Chiropractic Association recognizes the responsibility of delineating the standards of ethical and professional conduct expected of all Canadian chiropractic practitioners.

The Association acknowledges that the provision of health care is a provincial matter and as such, the ethical chiropractor is obliged by law to practise in accordance with the Act, Regulations, and By-laws of the province in which he or she practises.

In your letter, you should also inform the patient that your office will, of course, give this new provider a copy of your medical records at their request.

You can then detail how the patient can request those records.

Sexual contact that occurs concurrent with the patient-physician relationship constitutes sexual misconduct and is unethical.

Professional ethics are the body of fundamental moral principles that underscore and direct every aspect of a doctor’s practice and relationship with the public served.

Unquestionably the doctor’s basic and primary objective is to place the needs of the patient ahead of his or her own.

The chiropractor will, in the public interest, preserve, protect, and communicate the expertise of the profession in legislative, public education, and research matters.

The chiropractor will collaborate with other recognized healthcare practitioners toward the ideal of teamwork, in which the rights of both the patients and the profession will be respected equally.

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The doctor’s conduct should always be honorable, instilling trust and building greater integrity and credibility for the profession.

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