Ceton cablecard updating firmware

If you’re looking to record and watch copy-protected HD content using an HTPC, there is no better option right now than the Ceton Infini TV6.

The device is currently available as both an internal PCIx card and external DVR-like box. Ceton has been continuing to improve the experience of using their tuner through firmware updates when issues are found as well as adding features.

TV tuners have changed dramatically in recent years.

In the past, options were quite limited as to what you could do with a PC and TV.

The Washington-based company made headlines in 2010 when it released the first consumer-targeted and Cable CARD compatible four-tuner product, the Infini TV 4 PCIe.

While certain cable companies and Direc TV also released four-tuner products around the same time, the Infini TV 4 brought the functionality to the more customizable HTPC market.

Ceton later released a companion product, the Infini TV 4 USB, which, as its name implies, took the technology formerly housed in a PCI Express card and packed it into a compact external box.

Let’s take a look at the top five options when adding a TV tuner to your PC.The Ceton Infini TV-4 provides four Cable CARD tuners on a single PCIe 1x card which can simultaneously tune up to four cable channels using a single M-type Cable CARD, obtained from your cable company.Depending on which cable company and service you are subscribed to, the exact channels that Mythbuntu will receive can vary.IMAGE (latest firmware) ceton_infinitv_linux_driver_1_7gz (device driver) infinitv_client_1_2gz (client program) reset_(Python program to reset card) If you have this directory installed, you're good to go (Ubuntu usually provides it in a typical installation).Otherwise, you'll need to first get the build environment, either using the Package Manager or by doing: The install will do a depmod and install a udev config file so that the device driver will start up properly at the next boot up.

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