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The only text that appears on the billboard is a cartoonish thought bubble stemming from the child’s head that reads, “Jealous?

Just after Mother’s Day, the dating website, which aims to set older women up with younger men, plastered a billboard along Sunset Boulevard showing a topless mother breastfeeding her baby.

The biggest factor in a mother’s ability to nurse is her partner’s support. Studies show that most American women do not meet a goal of even six months of breastfeeding and single mothers have the lowest rates of all.

Coupled with the lack of partner support is the disabling stress that accompanies a relationship’s break-up during pregnancy or lactation.

The billboard is apparently too close for comfort to the West Hollywood Farmers Market, which typically attracts residents of all ages.

I am a new arrival in the city, looking to meet people and make friends.

Possibly to explore some kinks too though this might not be the ideal place.

There is nothing more natural than a woman breastfeeding.” And then: “We don’t think there’s anything shameful about either breastfeeding or relationships between older women and younger men.” Unsurprisingly, the billboard will be removed tomorrow.

First I would like to say thank you for stopping by to read my profile.

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