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Today, with the release of the Ge Force Game Ready 381.65 WHQL drivers, we're unlocking NVIDIA Ansel support in is the first Unity-engine game to add NVIDIA Ansel support, which was achieved by simply download and integrating the free SDK plugin from the Unity asset store - look for other Unity games to follow suit in the future., meanwhile, is built on Unreal Engine, where the NVIDIA Ansel plugin is built directly into the engine, and can be enabled with a few clicks.However, fans are still waiting for concrete news regarding the band’s new album.Their first album since 2011’s ‘The Fall’ was originally due for release this year, but now looks set to drop next year after animator Hewlett said it was “really fuckin’ special” and “can’t be rushed”.

He also later (after losing her in EL MANA) created a cyborg version which gives the impression that he missed her, however, rumours have it he just created it for a slave.But considering that he was the one who got her into hell (and apparently getting her out), it seems unlikely.It's also doubtful that Murdoc and 2D are likely to break out in an argument over Noodle...Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s animated band made their online return in September month across their social media accounts.They have since shared a series of online “stories” helping fans to catch up with the band members, as well as giving several interviews.

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